Customized Well-Being Solutions

Transform your organization from the inside out.

When you give your team access to studio BE, a private landing page, and live resources, you're providing them with the tools they need to flourish. 

Select the product and add-ons that suit your organization's needs—like weekly mindfulness breaks, guided community conversations, custom programs, and more—and we take care of the rest.

From choosing your solution, onboarding, launch, and beyond... we've got you. 

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Empowering Employees with Resources that Matter

Welcome to Collective Care

Grind culture's day is done. 

The old way of pushing through stress led us to burnout, mental health challenges, and mass resignations. It's time to shift to a new paradigm, a culture of care.  

Work with studio BE's tools and experts and watch as whole-person well-being unfolds within your organization—we're talking improved health, increased focus and productivity, and a whole lot less drama.


Options That Scale with Your Needs

Tier 1


  • Up to 50 Users
  • Monthly Recurring
  • $1,000 One-Time Implementation Fee

Tier 2


  • Up to 150 Users
  • Monthly Recurring
  • $1,500 One-Time Implementation Fee

Tier 3


  • Up to 500 Users
  • Monthly Recurring
  • $3,000 One-Time Implementation Fee

Tier 4


  • Up to 1000 Users
  • Monthly Recurring
  • $5,000 One-Time Implementation Fee


  • Easy onboarding (typically two weeks or less)
  • Leadership orientation: “Why studio BE?”
  • Employee orientation: “Why studio BE?”
  • 8 week mindfulness program
  • Weekly live 15-minute practice for support
  • studio BE weekly email engagement
  • Mindful Leadership Newsletter enrollment
  • Monthly Community Events

Live Class Access


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Additional $500/month unlocks learning track



Here's all the good stuff


Global Network of Experts

Logging in from all corners of the globe, studio BE’s highly-vetted Facilitators have dedicated their lives to the tools, practices, and methods we offer our clients each and every day. Specialties ranging from mindfulness meditation to conscious communication to mental well-being support and beyond, your team will be supported and cared for every step of the way with world class instruction.

Science-Backed Methods

Our expansive library of on-demand content is curated for the lives of our busy users, featuring practical, accessible, scientifically-proven techniques rooted in ancient wisdom traditions. We now know these short, potent practices are not only transformational, but improve brain health, cognitive well-being, emotional regulation, and interpersonal dynamics in the workplace.

Corporate Customization

Create a community of connection with a solution that's tailored to the needs and culture of your team. We offer a private and secure experience that's branded to the corporate identity paired with a library of on-demand content, live weekly classes, and quarterly programming. Add custom curriculum or event management through a flexible a la carte menu when you're in need of an extra layer of support, too.

Personalized User Experience

All studio BE users enjoy an individualized experience, including access to 35+ live weekly classes that cover a variety of interests and needs across all timezones. With innovative and intuitive technology, employees can curate a personal library of classes and teachers or search topically for easy access to support their unique and ever-evolving needs.


What Our Customers Say

studio BE!!! Man, you guys. I have been under a LOT of stressors lately. I just did [one of Jess Z's practices]. It's six minutes and I feel like I just took a nap. No lie. I feel so focused right now...try it. Jessica is good. I've done one of Sid Montz's spinal cord breathing ones too... good stuff they got us, ladies and gents!

My studio BE Teacher Team is open and kind. I appreciate all of their perspectives and the loving energy they bring to meetings. There's no ego or judgment during practices and I really value this... Being able to attend a practice and learn from others who regularly practice not giving power to the ego; really makes the day that much better.

I so appreciate that my Teacher Team is open to letting us know who they are. Their introductions before guided meditations have been both professional and warm. They create a very comfortable environment.


Ready to learn and grow with us? Check out our blog


Check out this product demo and get a feel for what studio BE's all about.

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Questions? We've got answers. 

What sets studio BE apart?

studio BE was developed for businesses and teams of all sizes as the first preventative care solution with live resources to support people’s whole health well-being. 

We team up with global experts in the fields of mindfulness, MBSR, embodied movement practices, psychology, conscious communications, and so much more to deliver scientifically-backed tools and techniques that make an impact.  

Our technology and resources work hand-in-hand to provide a custom and private solution for your organization, simultaneously allowing each employee to curate a self-care experience that is meaningful, supportive, and personalized to them. 

The majority of our on-demand content is delivered as micro-practices that can be incorporated into a busy workday. We also offer a robust weekly calendar of live classes that serves your team with resources that matter. Longer and more-restorative practices help participants move, breathe, rest, and sleep after working hours so they can learn how to support their own internal needs in any given moment.  

Can I use studio BE on my phone?

Absolutely! Our enterprise SAAS platform is optimized for use on any mobile device and can be added to your home screen for quick and easy access by following these directions. We’re also in the process of developing our native app which is targeted for a 2023 release.

Can I change my plan later?

Yes! With just 30 days notice, we can support you in moving to the tier that fits your budget and goals.

What customization is available?

Our standard package includes a multidimensional digital experience that’s branded to your corporate identity and meets the unique needs of your team. Additional customization is available through communications, engagement and incentive strategies, as well as live programs and webinars with expert facilitators. On-site experiences are also available upon request! 

How quickly can my team be up and running?

Our small and mid-sized clients are typically up and running within two weeks. Larger clients with more custom requirements can be launched in 30-60 days depending on the complexity of the digital solution.